siemens and bmw are german companies

5 Famous Companies With Nazi Roots!

Find Us On Twitter: Visit Our Website: Advertising today can allow a company to remodel themselves despite ...

10 Big Businesses That Worked With The Nazis

What do Coca Cola, Nestle, and Volkswagen have in common? Slavery, abuse and torture … behind their happy smiley adverts, these companies have a dark ...

How to pronounce German Car Names

An angry german man runs you through how to properly pronounce german car names like Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz etc. Pay close attention verdammt ...

What's to become of Siemens' Erlangen site? | Made in Germany

Siemens' plans for cost-cutting and restructuring are likely to cost several thousand jobs, with its Erlangen site possibly the hardest hit. The facility there is the ...

To Train Skilled Workers, Americans Use German Model | The New York Times

Manufacturers say there is a critical shortage of trained workers in the United States. In South Carolina, a German company is training students in skilled labor ...

Customer feedback: Apprenticeship at companies (Blum/Siemens/Schaeffler)

German voice with technical english subtitles. Machines used: - Conventional precision lathes - Cycle-controlled precision lathes - CNC precision lathes.

10 Famous Companies That Collaborated with the Nazis

Watch also: 10 Worst Traffic Jams Ever - Here are the 10 who worked (collaborated) with the Nazis. List: 10. BMW 9. Nestlé 8.

Siemens AG Factory Tour

New Videos Every Day - Subscribe: A tour of Siemens AG facilities, including Munich headquarters, Power and Gas, Siemens Wind Power, ...


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